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Scope of this imprint

This imprint covers the website transLLation.de and all of its content.

Type of website

This is a private site that describes translation services we provided in the past or that are in progress. The site is to be understood as a proof of our interest, as gamers, in good game rule translations; the reference list is purely a vehicle to express our own involvement in that ongoing task.
This website does not pursue commercial interest; in particular, it does not offer translation services of the kind described here, nor of any similar kind. If you are interested in such services, you may of course contact us directly; the website content shall in no case be part of any possible future contract.


All information on this website is provided to the best of our knowledge and with due diligence. We cannot exclude the possibilty of errors; therefore none of the information provided shall constitute a direct or implied warranty or shall be considered legally binding.
We will not be held responsible for the content of websites we link to; whatever they say or express is not necessarily our own opinion.

Declaration regarding the GDPR

This website does not collect, evaluate or store any personal data. It does not write any data back to the end user's device (e. g. "cookies"). This website does not forward data of any kind to third parties (e. g. Google Statistics and similar), not even in anonymized form.

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Note: Usually e-mails will be transmitted on the internet in open (un-encrypted) form; as a rule they will be stored un-encrypted at least on the sending and receiving servers. Therefore I cannot accept any responsibility for the security of the mail transmission.

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