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Lars Frauenrath

Born 1979
Project Manager Sales & Marketing
Pegasus Support Team
Location: Köln


Lutz Pietschker

Born 1953
Games author
Location: Berlin


Please have a look at our reference projects.

We have been passionate players of board games for a long time, we like excellently produced games, and we fervently dislike inadequate translations. We think that the production quality of a game should extend towards the rules, even the rules in foreign languages. We also like it if a translation adapts the flavour of the language used in the rules to the theme and epoch of the game.

  • In that context we have translated and reviewed game rules and other texts related to games, but also technical documentations and similar documents.
  • We also are (or have been) professionally involved in creating and checking documentations, specifications and the like.
  • Since 2015 we like to work together as a team.
  • We already have translated: English to German, French to German and (in certain cases) German to English.
  • We have also done reviews, copy-editing and blind testing of German and English texts.

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